[asterisk-users] Mini call center only 15 seats fxs to sip suggestion

Erick Perez eaperezh at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 11:49:54 MST 2006

I looking for an affordable (maybe used) FXS to SIP media gateway (or
another method) to be deployed in a mini call center.
The final user already has analog phones and a cabling setup in place.
The cheap gateway will send and receive SIP traffic to an asterisk box
that is already in place and connected to PSTN.
The asterisk is there because it will provide voice recording and
voicemail to email and a simple IVR.
The final user does not want to spend the money associated with items
like and audiocodes gateway or a sngoma remora or digium FXS card.
that's why we are looking for a media gateway. Since he already have
some analog panasonic phones, he does not want to purchase Ip phones.

if you have some other ideas, let me know.

Ebay turned nothing in my searches.


Erick Perez
Panama Sistemas
Integradores de Telefonia IP y Soluciones Para Centros de Datos
Panama, Republica de Panama
Cel Panama. +(507) 6694-4780

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