[asterisk-users] CURL

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Thu Sep 21 08:55:36 MST 2006

You can always use the System() command in asterisk to call the curl executable.


Ok, after requesting information to digium (no answer yet) and being informed that asterisk-dev is *NOT* a support hot line, I am trying in this list to see if someone has information on this regard.
  I know this is not a support area so I am only trying to get some clues.
  I have asterisk be and I am trying to use the CURL function (or application?). It is not available when I try it even though it is documented. Does anyone knows if there is a way to load it as a function/application inside asterisk? if so, is there code to download/compile to get it working inside asterisk?
  Any clue will be highly appreciated. (I keep trying digium support).

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