[asterisk-users] Re: Can you explain why multiple registration isan important (missing) feature ?

Olivier oza-4h07 at myamail.com
Wed Sep 20 14:31:53 MST 2006


If I summarize received answers, Multiple Registration is usefull because :

1. It's easier to register the share the same device between several users
and let one of those move to another "device", taking his extension along
with him.

Could this also be true ?

2. It's easier to provide the same user with several independently managed
behaviours. For example: off-hours calls diverted with registrationA;
off-hours calls passed on with registrationB.
3. Smater resource allocation: a phone has N lines capacity. Multiple
Registration is an handy tool to allocate this capacity and tie it to phone
buttons and BLF.

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