[asterisk-users] Cisco 7970 behind NAT

Jeremiah Millay jeremiah at rockriver.net
Wed Sep 20 13:02:39 MST 2006

Does anyone have this working? I have a Cisco 7970 with the 8-0-2-SR1S 
firmware loaded on it. I can get the phone to register with * just fine 
when I place my asterisk server on the same subnet and do no NAT. When I 
give my asterisk server a static public IP and put the phone behind a 
NAT to connect to the server registration fails. I turn on sip debugging 
and see that the phone is trying to register but it gets 401 
Unauthorized. The same phone config is being used with only 
modifications to the IPs of the proxy and some NAT settings. I've 
adjusted NAT settings in two places (phone config and sip.conf).
change "nat=never" to "nat=yes"

Phone config:




Does anyone have a similar setup with a 7970 behind NAT to an asterisk 
server that is not behind NAT? Any help or thoughts would be greatly 

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