[asterisk-users] When does Scalability requests Asterisk to U se SER ?

Rushowr rushowr at phreaker.net
Wed Sep 20 06:12:03 MST 2006

> S McGowan,
> I don't know if you missed my question (from the slew of questions you've
> received and answered), but I was wondering about transcoding and PSTN
> channels. What kind of codecs were used and was there any transcoding
> happening? Was this box only responsible for VoIP-to-VoIP calls or was
> there also PSTN trunks as well? Again, I'm amazed by this example since it
> seems to be way over what anyone else normally reports as usable.
> Thanks again,
> Ryan

Ryan, I answered, but for some reason this pop account tends to be
strange... Anyway, we were not doing any transcoding and our PSTN
connectivity was handled via a Tier 1 ISP that does SIP only PSTN
connectivity solutions with G.711u. So, basically as far as Asterisk was
concerned, there was SIP and RDP, that's all.

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