[asterisk-users] When does Scalability requests Asterisk to U se SER ?

burke at tailorhosting.com burke at tailorhosting.com
Wed Sep 20 04:44:49 MST 2006

>  >     I would like to know how you got Asterisk to function with 2500 SIP
>> registrations.  Did you have qualify enabled?
> Yes, qualify was enabled, using the standard length of qualification
> period between checks. Very few accounts had custom qualify settings.
>>     What about the 500 simultaneous calls?  How many SQL hits were you
>> doing (all said and done).  Any performance logs from the SQL server?
>>     I can't believe you got all this running on one box!
> You have to remember, 500 simultaneous calls is not the same as
> something like 20 calls per second. some of those calls may have been
> quite long, and once the call's been placed, there's no database work
> being done until the call ends.
> I wish I had statistics from that setup, but I don't, we spent so much
> time implementing new features and chasing down problems caused by using
> a pre-RTA version of Asterisk with a patched in RTA setup.....
> --
> S McGowan
> VoIP Consultant
> rushowr at phreaker.net

S McGowan,

I don't know if you missed my question (from the slew of questions you've
received and answered), but I was wondering about transcoding and PSTN
channels. What kind of codecs were used and was there any transcoding
happening? Was this box only responsible for VoIP-to-VoIP calls or was
there also PSTN trunks as well? Again, I'm amazed by this example since it
seems to be way over what anyone else normally reports as usable.

Thanks again,

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