[asterisk-users] Accounting and re-invite

Ronald Wiplinger ronald at elmit.com
Mon Sep 18 22:21:45 MST 2006

I am thinking if re-invite will interfere accounting.

Please help me to figure it out:

Phone A is registered at asterisk and calls a gateway. If the gateway 
allows re-invite than the rtp would go directly from phone A to the 
gateway, while the sip messages are still going through Asterisk. 
Asterisk will be informed when the call ended.
If it is a postpaid accounting, just bill the customer, however, how is 
it for a pre-paid (calling card user)?
I think Asterisk will have no power to turn off the call from A to the 
Even more, if the gateway would allow to end a call and continue with a 
new call, the new call would not be billed (or would it)?

I guess the solution must be re-invite=no 
However, re-invite=no means that each call is going with rtp also 
through my server, what means for a remote phone, I have to provide for 
both legs the bandwidth.

Would here a rtpproxy or mediaproxy  help? If how and why?



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