[asterisk-users] FOP Installation help

Zeeshan Zakaria zishanov at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 07:31:03 MST 2006

I had FOP installed previously on A at H which was working perfectly fine until
today when I decided to upgrade it to its ver. 2.6

I ended up losing my old FOP and new one no success.

First I backed up /var/www/html/panel to /var/www/html/panel_old. But after
no sucess with new FOP, moved the files back to original location.

But now the error I get is that it doesn't show all the extensions, and no
trunks and queues at all.

Please help me how to fix this problem. I didn't change anything in these
files at all, then why all of a sudden they've stopped working.

Zeeshan A Zakaria
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