[asterisk-users] Starting out

Timothy Parez timothyparez at linux.be
Sun Sep 17 04:25:10 MST 2006


I have to decide on hardware to buy real fast (being rocketed into the 

We have 1 computer, we'll install hardware from digium in there to 
connect with the ISDN phone lines (2)
It's a normal computer, I have no idea what type of card to take and 
about the 3.3v vs 5v  PCI.

The  idea is the following.
We'll have about 10 internal phones.
One of the phones should be like a central station, where all other  
calls can be monitored (if possible)
and from that phone the user should be able to press a button to take 
over a call which is rining on another phone.

Then we need less advanced phones for the rest of us, but we should 
still be able to  pick up calls that are rining
on a phone in the same room. (if possible)

I live in Belgium and we are using ISDN lines.
If I had to select phones from this page: 
What whould you sugest and why ?

Also from this page: http://www.asterisk.org/hardware
What would you sugest and why ?

Stuff we need
- Call forwarding (to another internal phone, to a classic phone number)
- Call take over (picking up a phone that is rining somewhere else)
- Menu system (got this working)
- Voicemail (got this working)
- Allowing a employee who's in a hotel somewhere to phone the internal 
numbers using his softphone over the internet
- Allowing that same employee to use his sotphone in order to make 
phonecalls to normal landlines through our server
- Call monitoring/recording (got this working)

I know it's a lot to ask and a lot of it is probably documented 
somewhere (although I couldn't find it in the asterisk manual draft)
but like I said I have very little time to decide....

Thank you for any information you might be able to provide.


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