[asterisk-users] Attended transfer and parking calls

Elpidio Ramos elpidio at ramosoft.com
Fri Sep 15 12:48:04 MST 2006

Good information.
  We use mostly analog phones and some of our extensions are soft phones.
  One question I still have:
  When I use flash, I hear the "TRANSFER" prompt and if I dial an extension the call goes direct without a chance for me to talk to the guy on the other side.
  Can it be that I need to include something else in my dial plan?
  Flash doesn't seem to work with our analog phones.
  Thanks a lot.

Andrew Joakimsen <joakimsen at gmail.com> wrote:
  What sort of handset/ata are you using? On the IP phones it should all
be in the menus. On the ATAs we use blind transfer would be 
and dial the numbe to transfer too, then hang up. Attened transfer is
the same thing, except you wait for the other party to answer then
hang up, the call is connected.

Call park would be the same thing. 700 [seven zero one]
hangup. Then dial 701 to get the call back, you need include =>
parkedcalls in the correct place of your extensions.conf

On 9/15/06, Elpidio Ramos wrote:
> Can anyone help me with information on how to implement or use the Attended
> transfer and parking calls?
> I have tried the extension 700 getting a number for the parked call but I
> was never been able to retrieve the call (don't know how) by dialing the
> indicated extension number.
> Also, we need to learn how to transfer a call by talking first to the
> extension before actually transfering the call (I assume this is called
> attended transfer?).
> Any help will be highly appreciated.
> Elpidio
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