[asterisk-users] Why not g726-32?

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Fri Sep 15 12:45:40 MST 2006

RR wrote:
> All,
> is there anyone who uses g726-32 ? If not, then does anyone know why
> don't people use it?

I use g726 on iax links between systems and to teliax.com for LD calls. 
Have no idea if its -32 or what though. What ships with asterisk (in 
terms of g726) has been working very well for us with the exception of a 
period of time where all g726 calls via teliax were not usable. Teliax 
had to have had a problem or was playing around as that was the only iax 
link that had bad audio.

> Oh and since I am only looking at codecs to use between the subscriber
> and our system (no carriers involved), the popularity and ubiquity of
> g729 and g711 aren't a qualifying factor for this particular
> discussion :)

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