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Jason A. Kates jason at kates.org
Fri Sep 15 05:57:23 MST 2006

One of the providers that I use already offers this feature via a macro
in the dail plan


On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 10:21 +0200, Tomislav Parčina wrote:
> In article <BAY102-DAV14FCB580A3B482DD94DE4EDD290 at phx.gbl>, shadowym at hotmail.com says...
> > No mention of Shared Line Appearance in the v1.4 new release.  Anyone know
> > if they still plan to include it or not?  Digium has been kind of quiet on
> > their work on that feature.
> > 
> > With their new Asterisk appliance running v1.4 I certainly hope they have
> > SLA as all other traditional/proprietary PBX's in that market segment do.
> Yes, and I'm interested in AOC messages. If I'm only able to manipulate with them, store them somewhere.
> I believe every Asterisk user will benefit with this, it just that people are not familiar what AOC does. AOC messages (Advice of charge) are messages that your provider sends you at the end of call. They tell you how much units jour provider will charge you for that call. And if you would like to know how much money is that, you simply multiply it with price of every unit.
> It will solve charging problems with Asterisk! We wouldn't have to keep up to date our databases with prices. Provider will directly tell us how much he will charge every our call.
> How to help/motivate developers to work on AOC in Asterisk?
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