[asterisk-users] AOC - advice of charge

Tomislav Parčina tparcina at lama.hr
Fri Sep 15 01:34:24 MST 2006

I'm interested in AOC (Advice of Charge) messages in Asterisk.

As far as I know, * does get AOC messages, but it's unable to do anything with them. What I would like to know is:
- what is current status of AOC in Asterisk?
- is there any work going on AOC in Asterisk?
- is there anything I could do to make thing go faster in developing AOC in Asterisk? (unfortunately I'm not programmer)

What I would like to be able to do with AOC messages is to manipulate with them and to store them in CDR or in some other database so that I could do billing. 

I believe every Asterisk user will benefit with this, it just that people are not familiar what AOC does. AOC messages (Advice of charge) are messages that your provider sends you during or at the end of call. Provider can send you charging Info in currency or charging Info pulse.

Come on guy, lets make our life's a little bit easier!

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