[asterisk-users] voicemail access thru apache on another server

Arnd Vehling av at nethead.de
Fri Sep 15 02:07:52 MST 2006

Hi Benjamin,

> Am trying to build a system, wherein users can access their profiles, 
> and hence voicemails thru a browser.
> I am using Apache and am running it on another box and asterisk on 
> another. Am keeping them seperate to not have http traffic on the same 
> box as asterisk.
> Now, my qs:
> Is there a way to tell Asterisk to store the msgXXXX.txt information in 
> an sql database, so that it's easier to access the voice mail info??

I would wait until the IMAP support in asterisk (currently only in the
svn version) is stable instead using sql-db based storage. At least if
were talking about an medium installation or bigger.

> Also, any way to run a script or something, to move a message from INBOX 
> to Old, when a user listens to the message thru the web browser??

 > Now, how on earth do i read the recordings and play them out  thru a browser!!

I did write a proof of concept script in php for accessing and manipulating
the voicemail folder. It has no locking atm therefore there are some race 
conditions and its not usuable in a large scale production environment.
Youre welcome to add session/locking suport though :}
The script enables you to view, read, move, delete and forward voicemails
using URLs. ascii based and asterisk realtime authentication is supported.
You can use it at least to extract the code how to send an audiofile (if
youre using php that is). Should be no problem to convert the scripts
to perl or any other script language.




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