[asterisk-users] non-technical, dealing with users giving feedback

stoffell stoffell at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 00:48:56 MST 2006

Hi list,

Any suggestions on how to deal correctly (socially and technically)
with users "complaining" about features/issues? For instance, users
complaining about echo; personally I ask the user(s) to give me all
the details when reporting echo (like; using handset/speaker,
internal/external call, volume, location, time, phone number, ..).

This goes well the very first time, but the users (and I understand
that) forget some details, or after a few times, don't give the
details anymore.. Result, troubleshooting gets much harder.

Is there a good way to deal with these situations without annoying the
users or myself too much?

Thanks for the tips..

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