[asterisk-users] Cisco 7961 "dropouts"

Nat Wong nwong at eqi.net.au
Fri Sep 15 00:05:49 MST 2006

Hi All,


I'm hoping someone can help resolve a problem that we are having with new
Cisco 7961 phones connected up to an Asterisk server.  The phones will work
happily for a while, and then after a call is hungup, won't make any further
calls.  If we use the Asterisk server to ping the phone, after a short pause
the phone will respond, and then start to work again, until the next time
the problem occurs.  


We're using Asterisk 1.2.11.  The 7961 phones are using the 8.0.2SR1 SIP
image.  The phones connect to a Dell 3424P PoE switch which is connected to
a Dell 5324 switch.  The Polycom phones connected to the same equipment work


To date, we've tried 3 different 7961 phones, changed the Ethernet card in
the Asterisk server, and tried different Ethernet switches.    


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,






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