[asterisk-users] mISDN versus ZapHFC with BRIstuff

Remco Barendse asterisk at barendse.to
Thu Sep 14 13:33:22 MST 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Henrik Woffinden wrote:

> Hi
> Right now I'm running Asterisk with ZapHFC BRIstuff and it work, but
> with some MSN addressing problems on the ISDN bus. I've had no success
> solving the problem. Problem is making 3 MSNs ring on one B-channel.
> I thought of trying mISDN instead.
> Do I still need zaptel and libpri when using mISDN, or can I skip them
> totally?
> I thought maybe I needed zaptel for timing purposes?

I haven't tried MISDN yet, the installation looks much more complicated 
than bristuff but to answer your first problem...

Are you sure that your telco is passing calls on all 3 MSN's? Bristuff 
doesn't decide which MSN rings on which B channel.  It just detects and 
handles accordingly.

If you never see a call coming in on the console for that MSN I would 
check with your telco first. Increase the verbosity of asterisk to find 
our what is going on.

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