[asterisk-users] Asterisk / Patton SmartNode SN2400 Strangeness FYI

George Pajari George.Pajari at netVOICE.ca
Thu Sep 14 13:05:10 MST 2006

Just a short problem description/resolution so others do not have to 
experience the same frustration and lost hours.

Set Up: Sipura devices (various, mostly SPA2100, SPA2102) connecting to 
an Asterisk box (1.2.4). Asterisk box talks to a Patton SmartNode SN2400 
SIP/PRI gateway.

Inbound calls work fine.
Outbound calls work fine from some units, not others.

Problem: if sip.conf contains callerid=xxyyzz it works; if it contains 
callerid="xxyyzz" then the SN2400 accepts the SIP INVITE but refuses to 
handle it.

Do not have the patience, time, or inclination to run more SIP debugs to 
see exactly what is happening -- just posting this in the hope it might 
help someone somewhere.

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