[asterisk-users] Via Epia platforms and asterisk

Kristian Kielhofner kris at krisk.org
Wed Sep 13 15:46:06 MST 2006

Chris Bagnall wrote:
> Greetings list,
> Has anyone done any research into call routing and transcoding performance
> using a Via Epia based platform?
> We have a client with a box in a datacentre with 2 PRIs going into the
> machine. We've moved most of their asterisk handling into another more cost
> effective datacentre, but the cost of moving the PRIs is prohibitive.
> (to give you an idea, they're paying as much for the single rackspace in the
> first DC as they are for a whole rack in the new DC)
> In a nutshell, what we're looking to do is to replace the asterisk box in
> the expensive datacentre with a low power consumption 1U chassis that'll
> simply take calls coming in on the PRIs and kick them out via IAX to one or
> other of the new asterisk servers in the other datacentre.
> In an ideal world, the first box would also transcode the calls to something
> like g729 or (ideally) Speex to save bandwidth between the two locations
> (since the DC also charges for that), but I'm not sure that's realistic
> given the hardware we're looking to use.
> Any thoughts gratefully appreciated.
> Regards,
> Chris


	While I have not done extensive testing, Asterisk seems to be quite 
capable on VIA hardware.  I like VIA hardware so much that I compile a 
special AstLinux image for them...

	Why don't you just keep is ulaw and IAX2 trunk in between sites?   That 
would use at most about ~6000kbps with both PRIs at %100. The VIAs could 
definitely handle that.

Kristian Kielhofner

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