[asterisk-users] Astmanproxy authentication problems

fho at inmedias.it fho at inmedias.it
Wed Sep 13 12:56:27 MST 2006


I've try to use Astmanproxy with "Asterisk TAPI line".
But login fails,  astmanproxys error message:

"Sep 13 20:06:26: asterisk at got: Response: Error
Sep 13 20:06:26: asterisk at got: Message: No variable specified
Sep 13 20:06:26: asterisk at attempting read..."

AStmanproxy has successfull connected to astmanager.

Asterisk TAPI Line also can successfull connect to the Asterisk manager,
but when i choose Astmanproxy+correct Port (1234) I get "login failed"...

I've configured astmanproxy, to require authentication, with password
foobar... I've also tried to use seperate users from
astmanproxy.users... But authentication fails, too...

Here is my astmanproxy.conf:

"host = localhost, 5038, admin, amp111, on, off
retryinterval = 2
maxretries = 10
sslclienthellotimeout = 200
acceptencryptedconnection = yes
acceptunencryptedconnection = yes
certfile = /var/lib/asterisk/certs/proxy-server.pem
listenaddress = *
listenport = 1234
authrequired = yes
proxykey = foobar
proc_user = nobody
proc_group = nobody
inputformat = standard
outputformat = standard
autofilter = off
logfile = /var/log/asterisk/astmanproxy.log"

I use AStmanproxy ver. 1.21.

What can be wrong?




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