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Christopher Corn christopher_corn at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 13 12:19:06 MST 2006

i finished setting my asterisk pbx with 5 phones. thanks for everyones help here, in getting this accomplished. it is greatly appreciated. this is what i set up.
  Athlon 3500+ cpu (2ghz i think)
  1 Gig of RAM
  Netopia gateway to SBC DSL 6000kbps/600kbps
  Linksys wire with QOS functionality
  Trixbox, latest version, 1.1?
  origination and termination, voip service provided by VOIPSTREET
  Grandstream 100 phones
  g729 codec
  I make concurrent phone calls out to popcorn (time service) and the codec worked just like it said it would, i counted 10kbps for each phone with linux, maybe extra over head not related to the codec.
  voipstreet is also very quick to respond to trouble tickets and their Asterisk procedure if very clear and concise. so far call quality is excellent even with concurrent calls.
  total cost was very low. i used a system laying around so that was most of the cost
  Grandstream phones  - 55$ each
  Linksys router with QOS, WRT54G - 60$
  VOIP service number porting - 15$
  45$ - testing out a voip service and not liking the service and not getting a refund, axvoice.com. apparently they don't give refunds on byod (bring your own device, i.e.; asterisk) setups
  again, thanks all, just thought i'd post this here, so that other people may be able to possibly find this info useful.
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