[asterisk-users] I need to record 30 conversations and have other 30 with music on hold, all at the same time, can a PIV handle it?

MF manrique.feoli at kinetos.com
Wed Sep 13 09:25:41 MST 2006

Ok I see,   thanks for your info Steve, 

Is the Mux problem because of processor time or Disk access time?    
because if it is a processor thing,  I should think on a solution 
where,  instead of sending the files over , I just send a command and 
from the other machine Mux them on a mapped drive  (prior to this having 
mapped the directory   where the files are, probably with NFS)   . 

Steve Totaro escribió:
> Raphaël Jacquot wrote:
>> MF wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a 2 E1 system with 32 zap FXS extensions (all Zaptel,  with
>>> TDM2400),  on a PIV,  3GHz, 1GB, Well my question is wether I'll be 
>>> able to use it for peak demand moment,
>>> that is having all 60 channels busy 30 talking to agents on the FXS,
>>> while recording their conversation at the same time,  and the other 30
>>> with music on hold while wait.  This is all based on the Queue
>>> application of *.
>>> Does any one thinks this system WONT be able to handle it?     Am I
>>> crazy of even trying it?
>> the intel processors at great at number crunching, but suck ass at I/O
>> I'd get an amd64 box instead
> Intel should work fine but do not mux the conversations on the box, i 
> put a second NIC in mine on a different network than the VoIP and FTP 
> the files to a box that does the MUXing.  We have recorded well over 
> 60 simultaneous calls.  Use the monitor in the queues app so you do 
> not get all the music stuff recorded and you should be just fine.  
> Actually, our setups are different though, I have separate boxes that 
> just handle the T1 to SIP handoff.  They get 50% CPU utilization with 
> 95 calls and similar specs to your setup.  I still think you should 
> probably be ok though.
> Thanks,
> Steve Totaro
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