[asterisk-users] Virtualise asterisk on Xen

Arik Raffael Funke arik.funke at gmx.de
Tue Sep 12 16:13:48 MST 2006


has anybody experience running asterisk on a (i.e. fedora-based) Xen 
system? What about mISDN support etc.?

For a low-load system I thought about using:
1. Sempron 2800+
2. some memory, in your opinion how much should I attribute to the 
asterisk guest system?
3. A AVM Fritz!PCI card for PSTN access
4. HFCPCI-S card in nt-mode for internal ISDN bus provision
5. Asterisk 1.2 with chan_misdn for the ISDN-card support

It would be great to hear some of your thoughts on this set-up?


NB: I have the impression that virtualisation is not a big issue on this 
mailing list... Is that due to a show-stopper I overlooked, just because 
everything goes so smoothly that nobody even bothers to mention it ;-), 
or because everybody has plenty of hardware they can dedicate to their PBXs?

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