[asterisk-users] Please help with a telular mod. SX5e

Jorge Cisneros jorgecis at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 12:01:47 MST 2006


  I have 5 telular mod SX5e
https://www.telular.com/v2/html/products/product_display.asp?productID=94 is
a great stuff, but i have a extrange problem with asterisk. Sometimes the
sound is ugly or choppy. The telular alone work fine all the time

  For example if i made 5 calls from asterisk to gsm network, but 2 or 3
calls the sound is really bad but only in the side of asterisk. I try all
the echo cancellers but nothing work.

I have 2 setups

  sipphone <==> asterisk with channel bank <==> telular SX5e <==> GSM

  sipphone <==> asterisk with wctdm 4FXO <==> telular SX5e <==> GSM network

 In both case is the same.

 Any idea? do you have a similiar problem?

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