[asterisk-users] How to notify an ACD agent before he/she picks up

Watkins, Bradley Bradley.Watkins at compuware.com
Mon Sep 11 17:31:57 MST 2006

In the forthcoming 1.4, you can tell the Queue application to run an AGI just before sending the call to the destination.  In the AGI, you can use the (also new in 1.4) MEMBERINTERFACE channel variable to determine the destination.
Of course, that's not a solution now since 1.4 is not even beta yet.  But I figured I'd present another possibility.
- Brad


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MF wrote:

> Has anyone got a clue about this?    I need to know which operator to
> send a message to,  prior to the queue command ringing him,  (just
> after he is assigned)
>> Anyone knows if I can get to know the operator ACD choosed to send
>> the call by using  Realtime Queue,   or maybe via the manager?
someone already told you to look at the manager.

make sure queues.conf has eventwhencalled=yes
then you will get a manager event

Event: AgentCalled

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