[asterisk-users] BLF via metermaid on and aastra 9133i

mike pham serbaniaotic at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 16:25:37 MST 2006

I finally got them to work....

have your phones configured like normal.
just includes lines like these for <mac.cfg>

prgkey6 type: blf
prgkey6 value: 701
prgkey6 line: 1

prgkey7 type: park
prgkey7 value: asterisk;700
prgkey7 line: 1

where "... line: 1" is registered on the asterisk server as [phone]

then in sip.conf


in extensions.conf

exten => 701,hint,Local/701 at parkedcalls
:repeat for every park extension you like to monitor

include => blf
include => parkedcalls

there is a time out issue I am seeing where the phone stops checking the
server for the BLF.

Please reply with questions.

Now to figure out how to repark to the same extension.

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