[asterisk-users] QUINTUM TENOR ASM200 Configuration

Steve Totaro stotaro at totarotechnologies.com
Mon Sep 11 03:01:39 MST 2006

> Hi, this message is for Steve.
> Sorry for replying to the digest. It wasn't my intention.
> I would appreciate if you can guide as to how make the tenor asm200 
> work with asterisk. I am using asterisk at home. I guess my problem is 
> configuring the tenor so that it is recognized and can take calls from 
> asterisk (both ways).
> If you can help me out and send me a sample config i would be very 
> thankful.
> My config is an asterisk at home box, and i wish to be able to have my 
> quintum register to the asterisk. Both devices will be in different 
> lans. My intention is to be able to call my asterisk box (in my home), 
> using my quintum box (in my office) and vice versa.
> thanks,
> Francisco
Quintum has WAY too many options that complicate basic setups!

Do you have the basics configured on the Quintum? 
Do you have the basics configured on your Asterisk box?
If the answer is yes to both, turn on SIP debugging and try some calls, 
what is the output?
If the answer is no, get them configured as much as possible and then 
try some test calls.

Steve Totaro

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