[asterisk-users] QUINTUM TENOR ASM200 Configuration

Steve Totaro stotaro at totarotechnologies.com
Mon Sep 11 02:49:03 MST 2006

You missed my point completely.  His "original" post was a reply was 
hijacking a very long thread (the digest thread) that he did not trim.  
Just trying to teach some netiquette  so he will get more help.  I have 
found that top vs bottom posting is not a major issue to most, but few 
make a big fuss about top posting. 

Thread hijacking is unacceptable though.

I want to answer him through the list so others can find the info too, 
now or later.  All I ask is that it is done properly. 


Alberto Sagredo wrote:
> If you want to answer directly to him, try Reply to all, and delete 
> asterisk-users at list.digium.com email address.
> It is not so had to do.
>> Hi, this message is for Steve.
>> Sorry for replying to the digest. It wasn't my intention.
>> I would appreciate if you can guide as to how make the tenor asm200 
>> work with asterisk. I am using asterisk at home. I guess my problem 
>> is configuring the tenor so that it is recognized and can take calls 
>> from asterisk (both ways).
>> If you can help me out and send me a sample config i would be very 
>> thankful.
>> My config is an asterisk at home box, and i wish to be able to have 
>> my quintum register to the asterisk. Both devices will be in 
>> different lans. My intention is to be able to call my asterisk box 
>> (in my home), using my quintum box (in my office) and vice versa.
>> thanks,
>> Francisco

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