[Asterisk-Users] SIP hardphones and BLF monitoring keys

Olivier oza-4h07 at myamail.com
Mon Sep 11 02:50:44 MST 2006


For a small call center, we would like to change default behaviour.

Current setup and behaviour are :
- a bristuffed 1.2.10 Asterisk server with 4 BRI ports
- 5 SIP hardphones (Snom 320) with BLF for line or extension monitoring
- incoming calls ring all phones and light BLF on
- when a call is coming in, picking up your handset will automatically make
you answer this call
- when a second call is ringing, picking up your handset will also make you
answer either call (the first or the last one, depending on parameters
values I'm not yet aware of)

We would like to offer users, the following features :
1. to choose the call they will answer to by pressing a corresponding
blinking BLF
2. to choose not to answer to any call and to be able dial to another
extension by pressing another BLF and let other users answer

I couldn't find any way yet to disable Snom's "automatic answering mode" but
I would be very curious to know if other vendors offer such features.

How would you implement such features ?

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