[asterisk-users] Polycom related question

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at mercury.net
Sun Sep 10 10:24:28 MST 2006

Hi everyone,

While this isn't a true "asterisk" question, I know a lot of people here 
use Polycom phones. Anyway, I have two Polycom 601 phones that share the 
same voicemail box. Now it is intermittent, but sometimes both phones 
will have a notification there is a voice mail, but then sometimes only 
one will show that there is a voicemail. If the phone that doesn't show 
there is a voicemail connects to the voicemail box it can get the 
message, but just no indication.

My question is, has anyone else tried doing this and had success? If so 
is there anything on Asterisk that I need to set or in the configuration 
for the phones that I may be overlooking?


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