[asterisk-users] Satellite link-IAX Jitter Buffer.

Yusuf yusuf at ecntelecoms.com
Sun Sep 10 05:25:15 MST 2006

> I would like to setup asterisk via a dedicated satellite link with
> latencies
> of 700ms -1000ms I am having problems adjusting the jitter buffer and
> would
> like to find out if anyone has iax configs for a similar setting I am
> using
> g729 codec .I can communicate but just having issues with sound clarity I
> can hear the person on the other end but would like to fine tune it for
> the
> best possible results my iax conf is as  follows on both ends.
> iax.conf
> [general]
> bindport = 4569           ; Port to bind to (IAX is 4569)
> bindaddr =    ; Address to bind to (all addresses on machine)
> disallow=all
> allow=g729
> allow=ilbc
> allow=ulaw
> allow=alaw
> allow=gsm
> mailboxdetail=yes
> bandwidth=low
> jitterbuffer=yes
> dropcount=4
> maxjitterbuffer=450
> maxexcessbuffer=80
> jittershrinkrate=1
> trunktimestamps=yes
> trunkfreq=50
> tos=lowdelay
> Regards
> Brian


what version of Asterisk are you using.  From your configs, it looks like
you using the old jitterbuffer.  You might have better results with the
'new' jitterbuffer (it has PLC).  iax.conf says which jitterbuffer
settings applies to the 'new' or 'old'.  Try the new settings.  Here is
one I have (the 'new'):  Asterisk 1.2.6



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