[asterisk-users] How could i get bridged channel partner

Mohammad Shokuie shokuie at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 10 05:09:08 MST 2006

Dear folks,

In my senario I receive a call on a Zap channel and bridge it to a SIP 
extension. On the sip client i should get what is the Zap partner of this 
call. I though i should do it through the manager but i really dont know 
how. I just couldnt even find what is the SIP channel that the call is 
using. To make it short i want to let the SIP client to manipulate the Zap 
parteners Gain dynamically, for this reason i need the name of the Zap 
channel part of the current bridge. How could i get it?

Any help would be appreciated.
M. Shokuie Nia.

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