[asterisk-users] Using option 'r' in queue doesn't announce frequeny etc.

Michiel van Baak michiel at vanbaak.info
Sat Sep 9 16:02:27 MST 2006

On 18:47, Sat 09 Sep 06, Zeeshan Zakaria wrote:
> In my queues, I wanted callers to listen dial tone going, instead of
> listening the music, to I used option 'r' in queue command. Now it doesn't
> announce the position of caller and estimated hold time etc. Is this normal
> for this setting or I am soing something wrong. If I don't use option r and
> leave queue as it is, i.e. playing MoH, then all announcements work ok.

I noticed the same thing couple of months ago.
Talked about it here and on irc but noone could give me a
clear answer.
I'm now still stuck with moh because I really want the
announcements to be played :(

If someone has an mp3 or wav of ringing, please post it...

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