[asterisk-users] What don't I get about SIP?

Mike list at virtutel.ca
Fri Sep 8 15:15:45 MST 2006

That's a good idea, and I tried, but as far as I know the digitmap setting
of the Polycom allows me to enable the phone to dial automatically after a
pattern is used (ex : [9]xxxxxxxxxx), but it doesn’t allow me to consider a
too short string as being invalid (ex if I miss a digit and just dial
9-555-55-5555 and then press "send".

Am I wrong? Cause did try the above example, and I got a 484 response


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Mike wrote:
> It's not a silly idea, I've been doing some sniffing and debugging 
> with my limited knowledge of the whole process.  I found this in the 
> debug stream after having dialed "965").
> Notice this line: SIP/2.0 484 Address Incomplete.
> Is this what I was suspecting, that it knows it could match a pattern
> (_9XXXXX) with a few more digits and so waiting for those digits from 
> the user?  How can I disable this or turn it off?  The Polycom 501 
> "supports 484 responses", but how can I either:
> 1) Disable it in the phone
> 2) Disable it in Asterisk

I didn't even know that Polycom supported 484.

Update the dialplan on your Polycom to make sure it will never send a
partial number.  You will no longer have to press Dial then either.
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