[asterisk-users] Want to support a better SIP stack in Asterisk?

Olle E Johansson oej at edvina.net
Fri Sep 8 11:06:24 MST 2006


Two times I've taken Asterisk to the SIPit interoperability tests,  
both times has led to
much improved functionality and a lot of new ideas. It is important  
to meet other
software developers struggling with the SIP standards, wanting to  
make sure that
equipment and servers work together.

The next SIPit is in October in New Hampshire. Voop in Norway has  
promised to
support my participation costs - travel, expenses and registration  
fee - with 50%.
Myself, I'm contributing a week's time of work.

Now I'm looking for another company that wants to support this work.  
If you are
interested, please contact me quickly off list directly to my e-mail  
oej at edvina.net

Big thanks to Digium who has supported this work up to now.

Thanks for your support!

* Olle E. Johansson - oej at edvina.net
* Asterisk at von - lot' of Asterisk activities, lots of Asterisk users  
and developers
* http://www.pulver.com/asterisk/ - NEXT WEEK

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