[asterisk-users] Asterisk 1.2 and SATA drives

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It has nothing to do with Asterisk as far as I know.  The kernel needs to
support it I believe.  DO NOT even attempt SATA RAID without a hardware RAID
card that is supported in the kernel or your asking for headaches.  For
non-RAID, many BIOS's emulate IDE so if that is the case you should have no
problems.  The newer the Kernel the better.  2.6 supports more SATA hardware
than 2.4 I believe

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Tharanga wrote:
> Greeitngs !,
> I am haivng asterisk 1.0.x verison and going to upgrade it to version
> with zaptel 1.2.8. i have PATA drives. asterisk 1.0.x verison didnt 
> support SATA (IRQ problems). so..this new relaeasr 1.2.x can support 
> SATA drives on dual core processor ??
> iam using TDM04B card.
> hope u guys can comment on this..
> thxs in advance
> Tharanga

what motherboard / chipset / processor / whatever are you running this on ?

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