[asterisk-users] Re: Volume events causing talk off on Asterisk with Digium 411P

Servetas, Andrew andrew.servetas at dirigosoft.com
Thu Sep 7 11:20:29 MST 2006

They recommended changing the default value of 1000 up or down
incrementally until it works better.  We're currently at 2000, and we're
still not completely free of events.



What were the proposed changes to VPM_DEFAULT_DTMFTHRESHOLD ?
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  We are experiencing random talk off events when we hear a loud volume
event on the PSTN side of our calls.  We do not always hear the spurious
DTMF, but I can see it in the console when I have the debug and verbose
levels turned up.  We do however always have the associated brief
periods of silence that immediately follow.  Sometimes they are only a
matter of seconds, other times they can be as long as a minute.  We hear
it most often if the remote party is on a cellular phone with a lot of
background noise, or if a loud noise happens during the call.  Neither
party can hear the other when this happens.  It almost reacts like an
AGC circuit is muting the call.
  We are using a Digium TE411P quad-span T1 card on 1.2.5.  I called
Digium support and we have played with the VPM_DEFAULT_DTMFTHRESHOLD in
the WCT4XXP.C driver as recommended, and all the RELAXDTMF and GAIN
settings in Zapata.conf are set according to their recommendations.
  Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what have you done to
correct it?
  Andy Servetas
  CTI Support Engineer
  Dirigosoft Corporation
  Portland, ME
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