[asterisk-users] Re: Really bad phone line.. possible causes?

M.Hockings veeshooter at hockings.net
Wed Sep 6 17:36:57 MST 2006

Mojo with Horan & Company, LLC wrote:
> What codec are your sip phones using?  We'd have a similar, though 
> immediate, degradation in audio quality using G.729 when zaptel was 
> built with MMX optimizations.  We use an AMD CPU.
> When zaptel was rebuilt without MMX optimizations we were back in business.

How do you configure it sans MMX ?

I had a similar problem and changed the echo can from the default to the 
  one where the comments in the .h file say to try if the first one does 
not work (sorry can't remember it's name offhand).  It was like night 
and day, works fine now.


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