[asterisk-users] macros in Realtime

Benjamin Jacob benjamin.jacob at masconit.com
Tue Sep 5 22:57:34 MST 2006

Hello all,
Another question related to Realtime.
Is it possible to call macros using Realtime arch?

I have a macro definition in table extensions_conf in my MySql db as:
 30     |     macro-stdpbx1exten     |     s             |     
1             |     SET        |     fwdedNum=${DB(CFWD/${ARG1})}

And calling the Macro using another entry in table extensions_conf in 
Mysql db:

 40     |     pbx1                           |     _[345].     |     
1             |     Macro      |     stdpbx1exten|${EXTEN}

I get errors like :

Sep  6 11:18:53 WARNING[14493]: app_macro.c:154 macro_exec: No such 
context 'macro-stdpbx1exten' for macro 'stdpbx1exten'

Are there issues with the same??



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