[asterisk-users] Caller ID has extra digits to strip

Bart Fisher bhfisher at icpage.com
Tue Sep 5 17:54:53 MST 2006

Well, currently I do not use them, but I hate to give it up either - 
nice to be able to ID the call type and it might be useful some day. 
Now it's a pain to deal with. What you get is the same here from GBX, 
but with MCI, it the same with ANI II added to ANI


Steve Totaro wrote:
> Do you use the AnI II digits for anything?  If not, call the telco and 
> tell them to just send ten digits.  When I used to have some T1s with 
> UCN, they sent the ANI II digits in a separate field specifically for 
> that.  I could see them in PRI debug on the console.  Now with Global 
> Crossing, I get *ANI*DNIS* which is pretty funky.
> Thanks,
> Steve
> Bart Fisher wrote:
>> I was hoping someone might have the answer to this:
>> As an update:  even though you can modify the Caller ID in 
>> extensions.conf for call handling and use CallerID(number) in you 
>> script, asterisk does not honor the modified number in CDR and 
>> VoiceMail.- I need to fix the number at answer.
>> Bart
>> Bart Fisher wrote:
>>> ===
>>> About 70% of the time, my Local DID provider sends me ANI II digits
>>> (see 
>>> http://www.nanpa.com/number_resource_info/ani_ii_assignments.html) 
>>> where there will be an extra 2 digits
>>> added to the Caller ID - For example 627142225555 where '62' = Cell 
>>> Phone for example..
>>> The problem is, I have not found a way to remove these digits before 
>>> it's used by Asterisk in CDR and Voice Mail with any
>>> Asterisk script or command.
>>> What can I do to strip these digits from Caller ID before answering 
>>> the call so CDR and Voice Mail Caller ID announcement show correct 
>>> number?
>>> TIA
>>> Bart

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