[asterisk-users] Deadlock

Michael Welter mike at telecommatters.net
Tue Sep 5 15:08:31 MST 2006

(I'm getting 404 Not Found from the search engines)

I have a system that gets a deadlock every week or so.  On the logs I 
have many "channel.c:787 channel_find_locked avoided deadlock for 
0x837730" messages.

The system has an Eschelon T1 with 6 voice (with dchan) arriving on a 
TE110P.  Asterisk, Linux FC5.  The system also has a TDM30B 
card.  The phones are IP501.

During the deadlock period, outbound calls are ok.  However, an inbound 
call (on channel two) is rejected because Asterisk thinks the channel is 
in use.

There are no call queues on this system.  I see a deadlock bug, but it 
has to do with queues.

Can someone shed some light on this situation?


P.S.  This system often fails to reboot properly.  zaptel doesn't load 
correctly, and Asterisk goes into continual restart.

Michael Welter
Telecom Matters Corp.
Denver, Colorado US
mike at TelecomMatters.net

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