[asterisk-users] includes in realtime ??

RR ranjtech at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 00:48:22 MST 2006

that's exactly how it is, the load command is only for you to see
what's being pulled from the database and to test if realtime has been
configured properly. If you see nothing, then I suspect realtime for
you isn't really working and the calls that are working are being
looked up in the local conf file.

You might have to start doing some toubleshooting. What does your
extconfig.conf look like? You might wanna post it here. Also, remove
or comment out any extensions related info from sip*.conf files.
What's the output if you type: asterisk -rx "sip show settings" | grep
-i realtime on the linux command line?

Lastly, ensure there's no errors logged with regards to connectivity
to the database. Many pieces need to be in sync for it to work
properly. I use it with UnixODBC -> FreeTDS -> MS SQL Server and it
works beautifully :) If you're using a local MySQL database, it should
be a piece of cake.

Check you're loading the res_mysql module, check for config issues in
res_mysql.conf and ensure yur user has permissions to access your
asterisk database.

Hard to suggest how to do all that without knowing ur exact setup.
Sorry, the best I can do for now :)


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