[asterisk-users] Warning about using PAP2-NA ATA recent firmware 3.1.12 LS

joy panlilio jpanlilio_yafie at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 22:36:42 MST 2006

Fellow List,

  Hi! Good day, I have cross a configuration nightmare for a couple of days of finding what really broke my setup, i have given a task on replacing our legacy pbx with asterisk.

The problem i have encounter during the transition from legacy to IP based PBX is DTMF detection not working realiably on the following scenario

Failed Scenario

PAP2-NA - SIP -> TDM400 -> PSTN

Successfull Scenario

PAP2-NA -> SIP -> FWD -> -PSTN
PAP2-NA -> SIP -> SIP Carrier -> PSTN

My PAP2-NA Firmware is 3.1.12 LS
  When i test this with siemens optipoint 410 it was clear that DTMF issues might be on PAP2 Since it really wrecks on the other end


  After googling for a day i found no real answer for this problem when i talk to linksys tech support when i say i'm using my Asterisk as my SIP GW, they say that PAP2 wasn't meant to be compatible to asterisk or might be an Asterisk bugs. 

What i did is banging the phone and back to my web browser and continue my journey. this time i finally decided to play around with PAP2-NA firmware

  I search on google if somebody has an OLD firmware hoping this will be fix.
I found one 3.1.3 LS firmware which this is the default firmware upon buying this stuff.

To my surprise it works like a charm after successfully downgrading the firmware from 3.1.12 LS to 3.1.3 LS

  To all of you guys out there PLEASE DON'T UPGRADE YOUR FIRMWARE Linksys  might intentionally do this on purpose ^__^ or this might be *BUG* i doubt it.

Best Regards,


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