[asterisk-users] Asterisk & Linksys PAP2 ATA

Bob Chiodini bchiodini at gmail.com
Sat Sep 2 09:46:06 MST 2006


I've used a SPA3000. There seems to be a later model from Linksys, 
hopefully it works better. I had some severe echo problems due to my 
distance from the CO. The SPA3000 never could seem to compensate. The 
older software worked better, but it never passed muster with the wife. 
Went to a Digium TDM11B, no problems.

There are plenty of mini-howtos on the web to set up a SPA3000. If you 
are close to your CO and the price is right, give it a try. I think I 
read somewhere that at up to 7000 feet between the CO and the SPA 
acceptable results are possible. I'm at about 18000 feet.


Nick Ellson wrote:
> Hi Corey,
> I spend 2 hours with REALLY bad docs on how to "Unlock" the PAP2 
> Vonage I got from Office Max. I bought it the second I saw a glimpse 
> of an articaly that it could be turned back into an NA. Anyone want to 
> try this? The nes ones one the shelf in my area had 3.1.3 code 
> already, but if you put together a few seperate "How-To's" ya can get 
> a really simple procedure and the files to clean out Vonage and I can 
> say my kids LOVE the new phones in their rooms to play house with ;) 
> (So yeah, end result was actually 30 seconds and two reboots on the 
> unit and it's Vonage Free and happily on my Asterisk network)
> So now I am looking at the Linksys SPA3000 to use as a poor-man's FXO 
> port. It looks like this is an easier task doc's wise. Anyone set this 
> up?
> Nick
> If anyone wants the final steps I used on the PAP2 lemme know.

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