[asterisk-users] Re: Re: 911 versus 9.911

Derek Whitten derek at kfuq.net
Fri Sep 1 09:40:46 MST 2006

Jim Rice wrote:
> Pardon me for jumping into the middle of the thread,
> but how does one actually test 911 (or 9911)?
> I called Verizon, and after speaking with four different departments and
> supervisors, they said to just call 911 and tell them that I am going to
> be calling them to test.  (Well, duh, too late, I'd have already
> called.)
> Is there a proper protocol or procedure?  I didn't want the local
> sheriff showing up to verify that it wasn't a real emergency...
> PS: Someone posted this earlier.  Is this a valid configuration?
> exten => _911,1,Dial(Zap/1/911)
> exten => _9911,1,Dial(Zap/1/911)
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I saw a while back some people were testing 911 and they would say something to the effect
of "i am a pbx technician and i am testing the system" and had the operator read back the cid.

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