[asterisk-users] Toll-Free numbers

Jay Milk ast-users at skimmilk.net
Fri Sep 1 08:11:43 MST 2006

Asterisk is the least of your problems here.  You first need to talk to 
your country's telephone operator and ask if it's possible to get a 
toll-free prefix or area code.  IF they can, I'm sure they'll charge you 
handsomely for that privilege -- initially, per month, per call and per 
minute.  Next you'll need to advertise to an ignorant public, get 
clients to sign up with you and pay for this service, etc.  Chances are, 
if there's money to be made, your country's telco would have done that 

Dumpolid Exeplish wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
>  Currently in my country, there is no toll free service provider. My 
> company has been thinking of starting such a service (using Asterisk 
> as a soft switch) but really we dont know how to go about this. Can 
> anyone assist us with information/documentations, etc
> Thanks

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