[asterisk-users] Re: 911 versus 9.911

Dave Fullerton dfullertasterisk at shorelinecontainer.com
Fri Sep 1 07:27:33 MST 2006

Steven wrote:
> I have been thinking of sending a page when asterisk dials 911.
> beep "Attention, 911 has been dialed by " dialing-extension " whose callerID is " callerID.
> I think an email would also be appropriate for HR/facility records.
> Does anyone know how to send an email from the dialplan?
> I assume I would need an agi for this, but I would want to spawn it off and not affect the call to 911, but also not wait for the 
> call to finish either.
> So, the second question is, how do I spawn a second call flow without affecting the first?

I like the idea of an email being generated when 911 is dialed. I'll 
have to keep that in mind when I set up the system I'm currently 
planning. But, to your question... I have asterisk send me an email 
under certain conditions. What I did was create a shell script that did 
the work of sending the email which accepted arguments to pass along the 
info I needed. Then I just used the System app in the dialplan to 
execute the script. It's actually pretty simple to do. It gets a little 
more difficult if you don't have sendmail/postfix/etc installed on your 
asterisk server. I ended up using an smtp client program that behaved 
like the sendmail command to send the mail through another server.


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