[asterisk-users] [Slightly OT] Grandstream configurator tool

Andrea Spadaccini a.spadaccini at mediatechnologies.it
Fri Sep 1 03:07:03 MST 2006

Hello *,
is there anybody that has already used the Grandstream configurator
tool? I have to configure a lot of GXP-2000s and BT-102s, and I'd like
to automatize this process.

The configurator doesn't work for me... Probably I don't know how to
make it work. I did the following:

1. Connect the phone to the net WITHOUT doing anything
2. Write the configuration file
3. issue the encode.sh script as stated in the user guide

But the phone still displays "no IP" (it's a BT-102)...

Where's the mistake?
Thanks in advance,

Andrea Spadaccini
Multimedia Technologies Institute s.r.l.

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