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Tue Sep 5 14:32:44 MST 2006

"I've released a beta version of the new firefly, to address the crashing
issue with incoming calls from Asterisk. (the problem was I assumed the
caller id would be populated). Also, firefly will now reject calls if
there's no common codecs.
I'd recommended anyone using firefly with asterisk should get it
Also, I'm trying to get Firefly running under wine. I have no experience
with Wine so any help or pointers to what needs fixed would be helpful.
Steps for getting firefly running
1) Install the above firefly version (1.5 or later)
2) Remove extensions.dll
3) Run firefly.exe -internalblend       (this will indicate firefly to use
it's own blend func instead of window's blend func)
4) Let me know your results
If anyone else experiences any other issues with firefly & asterisk, let me
SIP version out soonish.

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