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not to provide full services. I think they intended it to be something like
a less powerful router or a box at a remote site.  This way if the primary
server was took out by a virus or hardware failure your office staff could
still call for help.


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I'm sorry to ask this question, but I thought I'd rather ask it here before
messing up with cisco.
Is anybody running cisco 7960 in redundant configuration?
I mean I want the phone to be registered with both primary and
backup proxy (asterisks) so that service continues to work in case of
proxy failure. I've set in SIPDefault.cnt:

proxy1_port: 5060
proxy_backup_port: 5060

The problem is that 7960 registers all the configured lines with
primary proxy, but the line 1 only with backup proxy. It's not about
failure. The phone doesn't even try to register other 5 lines. As a result
if the primary
proxy fails incoming calls work for the line 1 only.
Has anybody managed to register all the lines with backup proxy?
I'm running software 4.4, the last version before digital signature was
introduced. Should I upgrade? Or may be I'm missing something in
Thanks a lot.


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